Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Breakfast For Dinner, Brinner?

brinner (brin-ner) noun. breakfast eaten at the time which you eat dinner. Folks, this didn't come from me, its a fact of life. Most of you, if you've been to college and had to cook on your own, have eaten breakfast for dinner; especially when you realize that you didn't plan accordingly for meals during the week and this is all you have. If you haven't had the opportunity to experience this diametrically opposed theory then maybe now is the time. We had some left over red and green peppers from a meal earlier in the week so we created some southwestern-ish scrambled eggs, the ever so incredible tater tots, and turkey breakfast sausage. Now typically I would cook much much much more than this and you can, but we're only eatin for two here. Add your own variations with grits, biscuits, corned beef hash, pancakes, or bacon. Granted, I do live in the south so it suffices to say I may be a bit partial when it comes to breakfast foods. Whatever you eat for breakfast, eat it for dinner, no matter what is and you are golden. Brinner, it's what's for.....brin..ner.... For more eats, visit

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