Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Asian food loves me, and i it...

Being part Japanese has its perks. Like knowing that no matter what happens in life, there is some ingrained DNA code specific gene that makes me crave anything related to Asian food culture. Granted I'm not eating bugs on a stick or pork bellies in noodle soup, but I do love a good asian inspired meal. My wife and I got a small set of Japanese plates/bowls/dipping tray/chopsticks and decided to put them to good use. So we have rice, chicken and vegetable stir fry and vegetable potstickers. I'm pretty sure we ate a very americanized version of this but, nonetheless we had the plates and we were using chopsticks so that has to count for something right? If you have a favorite asian-"esque" meal that you like to cook let me know, I'd love to try it. For more eats, visit

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